my computer is still dead
ricky is in romeo for easter and i'm using his computer
bored as fuck today
i hate this stupid holiday
the past week or two have been great
saw some rad bands
hung out with some great friends
wrote some penpals
i need to get more stamps tomorrow to send out all these other letters
dank & i went to d'Mongo's the other night and my 8th grade summer girlfriend was the bartender
it was super weird
i tried so hard to ignore her and order from the douche bag bartender
then once she got me my drink and called me sir
i am pretty sure she didn't recognize me
but i bet jared told her after dank & i left to go to the stick
i had a million crushes in high school
actually my whole life is like one giant crush
but she was the only girl for me
i think she was the other half of my brain
but i was dumb
and fucked shit up by being a shy stupid fuck
i found some letters she wrote me back in like 1999/2000 the other day
and rereading them made it pretty obvious that she dug me
haha i suck
servo is coming into town next week
and it's the shannon and the clams/hunx & his punx show
and lemmy's 2nd bday party is next weekend
and UofM graduation
i am really not looking forward to anything though
well lemmy's bday party will rule
i never get to see her and it sucks
i'm the worst uncle
i still gotta figure out how the fuck i am going to get from ann arbor to lansing on saturday

so my computer died the other day
i know i can bring it back again
but i'm worried the 100+ gig's of music are gone
same thing happened last spring
it's my fault for not buying an external and backing it up
so i'm probably not gonna be able to update this for a little bit
i gotta focus on the new issue of date shakes anyways
and continue to improve my life
everything has been so weird lately
i want some more pink lemonade

all the kids want something to do...
des ark & pygmy lush killed it this weekend
i made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
and steak tacos
and went to the garden resource program meeting
and we bbq'd
and had a porch hang
friends came over
skipped the marcus belgrave & TRIBE gig
kinda bummed but i still had an amazing day
blasted my favorite 90's albums from the roof
and drank beers
and enjoyed the amazing weather
and went to jeremy's pizza debut at the pub
and then zoned out
perfect fucking weekend
i love detroit

that BP station on washtenaw by my old house
i think i am going to play a coconut longboys show soon
maybe at the beach in a few weeks
3 weeks might be good
i wonder how long until is it consistently nice
i just need one of those rasta mini guitars
like david schultz' friend had
it was in choco's basement a bunch back in 1999
the pasquales days
that was my best era of high school
looking back it was always good
actually it was so fucking insane
like a year long twilight zone
and fuck it was the best twilight zone ever
so yeah...coconut longboys soon!

ut oh
i hate waiting for email more than waiting for real mail
i mean everyone is pretty much on the internet
at least the people i wanna hear back from
and still i refresh
and nothing

and it's now almost 8pm and i don't know what i'm gonna do tonight
there are options
but i need to be swayed
otherwise i'll do nothing
someone/thing has to nudge me
or it's another night on the couch
and the computer
watching the same movies
it takes me like 20 minutes to even pick one these days
it's all so stale
i should try to hit up a value world this weekend
score some new vids

i guess this album is alright
hate the recycled songs though
oh well...

taste the waste
when ever i get in the mood to put on u.s. maple i do
and then i feel all weird
and every time it takes me a little longer to come back
and it's funny
it's so right
makes sense

i have been doing a lot of emailing
and messaging
i feel like i'm almost a normal right now
but anyways...
it feels good

i just sent an email that read like one of my LJ entries
typical rant

man ween is so good
josh k and i should just live together in a dump and only listen to ween
fuck i'd have so many zits from candy

...and i wish i had a way to make it better
the cook-parrott family is an amazing thing
i wish i got to enjoy the company of sam & marlee more often
they bring me true happiness
and motivate me
and make me wanna sing & dance
sam makes me wanna swear a lot too
he's really good at swearing
it's awesome

this weekend is going to be insane
i am going to do what i say
and have fun too
and i bet i'll eat some really tasty food too
i can't wait...

life reflector?
i thought the sandwich was almost gone
and then i looked down and saw that i had only taken one bite
there is a lot ahead of me right now
and i'm ready

tomorrow i will eat potatoes 
and eggs
and drink watermelon juice
cantaloupe juice too
and color 

my manager just started watching desperate housewives and i am excited for her
and i just dropped pepperoni on my shirt


my favorite poke isn't there anymore
just watched half-cocked with ricky
i caught part of it on the sundance channel like 12 years ago
it's been on again off again long/short wait on my netflix queue for nearly 2 years
well worth the wait
my brother dubbed me the soundtrack years ago
i should dig it out

i've been in such a different mood lately
like right now i'm listening to gun outfit again
i can't get enough of them
especially this song "my whole life"
it reminds me of one of pizza's songs
but pizza is more punk/sloppy/scatterbrained
and gun outfit is straight up '95

but yeah all weekend has been so 90's
my fav
that new brick mower lp is soooo cool
and top surprise
and sebadoh
and small factory
and the grifters
and codeine 

i'm so sick of a million fucking shows with no bands i care about
like last nights wolf eyes/lightning bolt yawn fest
i mean i guess i did eat earthen jar & btb
but that was it
i could have stayed home and watched the twilight zone in bed all night
there are a handful of bands i wanna see this month
i think
tcallers might be playing this week in detroit
i think it's this week
i'm gonna check out des_ark/pygmy lush saturday i think
and then there's a tyvek show coming up at the stick
oh and that birth/protomartyr show
but i dunno if i'll have a ride to that
oh and hunx & shannon & punx & clams
yeah that'll be a fun one


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