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here's a flier joe drew for the gig next sunday
CHIT CHAT is now playing it as well
they originally were replacing AMOEBAS due to them not having a drummer
but now kirk from NEO CONS is gonna fill in for them so it's a 5 band bill

i've kinda been going through one of those life sux kinda phases as of late
my dr. just upped my anti-depressants so hopefully things will be better soon
yesterday was pretty cool though
hard to imagine considering i was in ann arbor where i rarely have fun these days
ricky's new band (RADIANT MARKS) w/jules & kevin played their first show
THE Q, CHIT CHAT, and BAD INDIANS all played too
i got very very and was generally happy
i think next sunday will be a good time too
i just need to distract myself from thinking about my life
i need to make more mixtapes for crushes so i can feel cool for a minute
before the actual crush sets in


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