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i'm not punk
i have once again reached that point in my life where 24 hour is amazing
i mean a couple of the first 6 are still rough listens
i mean how many times have you heard boxcar?
and ashtray monument?

ashtray monument is kinda like a precursor to save your generation
atleast in my head right now
and west bay invitational is a pre-bad scene
even though west bay is a total bivouac song
but it's on 24 hour
and it might be my favorite
or rather the best
they all have their time and place
maybe this is just west bay's time for me

maybe cuz it doesn't tie my to a person or place
or if it did i forgot

condition oakland belongs to emma lee from rosa
she once made me a mixtape where the whole b-side was condition oakland on repeat

do you still hate me? has had many different meanings/times
but the mixtape i'll never make/send owns it

and jinx removing...
...oh jinx removing
sam jones!!
and on...and on...

there is another rant i could go on right now about giving my cassette copy of 24 hour to arquimedes and years later having the very cassette (still holding the magazine clipping i put inside the artwerk in 1997) end up back at my house in a touring bands tape deck in their van. it would have stretched that out for like 20 more lines.



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