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i see another one...
my computer is fixed
there are a bunch of little ants on my floor right now
well not a ton but i killed like 15
in the past 20 minutes
i wonder if they're coming in my open window?
i can't really figure out where they are coming from
i'll investigate more in the morning
i need to sweep and my usual OCD cleaning rant i do on days off

i just stopped and cleaned up a little bit

so yeah my computer is back
still tryna track down all the music i lost
and start werkin on mixes again
got my stamp set in the mail finally
so i've been pretty productive the past 5 or so days
despite a day long hangover
and a lupitas food coma
and the spits blowing my fuckstack back to the stone age
did i say the stone age?
cuz i meant the ice age
and 20 hours of werk

i cannot wait to wake up tomorrow
i got nothing to do and all day to do it
i don't even care if it thunderstorms like they say it will
i can keep busy inside with my stamps
and postcards
and mixes
and cereal
well i'll need to pick up a couple 2-liters
but that's it
doesn't matter what happens
as long as it's not werk


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