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go put it in a washing machine...
i have been so outta the game lately
my computer is still dead but i just picked up what i need to hopefully fix it again
the uzi rash lp still isn't out
so many problems on my end
lack of motivation
being stupid
not caring

i am so fucking over putting out records but i probably wont stop for a while
cuz i mean who'd put a tcallers lp?
plus bands like bogue millionaires & radiator hospital still make me happy
they remind me why i do what i do
and sandy city & top surprise too!
and the song "pilgrim" by four eyes
that fucking song is my life lately

but i should probably stop soon
it's about time i invest in a real stereo
like nice shit
i don't wanna be all old and jaded like all my old and jaded friends
but i wanna just have some shit that werks and sounds good
cuz right now everything at the house is broke
ricky's duel cassette deck
the deaf person tape player i bought
even dank's old shitty boombox finally shit the bed
been tryna dub a milk music cassette for like 2 weeks so i can listen on my walkman
no luck

marlee grace cook-parrott is still inspiring me
her baby bro ain't too shabby either
we gotta garden going at the house
i still need to plant some swiss chard
probably saturday?
i need to order some new white bok' this weekend
and figure out when gary wilson tickets go on sale
and give paul money towards the car
and get shitheaded at d'mongo's
plus a bunch of rad shows

let's see...
what else?

i got really sick last week
and the week before
sinus infection i think
servo visited again
i was really busy and sick though
and outta it
and just lame
i felt like a terrible host
everyone moved outta ann st.
most are back on lawrence
i missed lawrence
still haven't seen k9 sniffies
still haven't jammed with soph
lindsay acker does really exist
diag ban is still a thing
lupitas still rules
i have been at fuckdeli for over 12 hours now
i gotta get the fuck outta here

i should have my computer werking again this week so i'll be back soon...


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