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i can't pick up my pencil...
things are changing
it's getting to be the 25th episode of twin peaks in my life
only a few left before everything goes crazy
i have been coughing all day
my throats been fucked since i woke up on sunday
haven't drank since saturday night
haven't smoked since monday night
i feel pretty alright
except i'm having that talk with myself where i wonder what the fuck i'm doing
cuz i don't leave the house all that much
and i talk myself outta going to shows
i've been super lazy
and stupid
i am sick of putting on shows
and putting out records
and drinking
and being bored

this weekend i am finally gonna get these mixes done
they're pretty much ready to go
just gotta make some artwerk
big packages going to CT/NYC/GR on monday

grocery shopping is my #1 weekend priority
giving paul money for the car is #2
and that's about it
no d'mongos
no stupid purchases
well maybe some ice cream


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