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cheeto dust
i knew these $.99 cheese balls were gonna be bad when i bought them
but FUCK!!!!!!
i can't believe i am going to eat this whole bag today
sometimes i am so dumb

everyone is outta town this weekend
well my roommates and their girlfriends are
so i'm feeding 2 cats and some fish and a bunny
i'm gonna get some free tacos when they get back which rules
i've been laying around the house in my boxers all weekend
going to the bathroom with the door open
sleeping on the futon in the living room
such a great weekend so far
and it's just gonna get better
BBQ tomorrow for lindsay/joe's bdays
and radiator hospital is playing down the street
and i don't have to be back at werk til tuesday

i cannot stop listening to katie crutchfield
king everything/p.s. eliot/bad banana/waxahatchee
and reading her blog
i am crushing on her so hard
i really need to see her perform this summer
it's on my list right behind seeing MILK MUSIC
which is happening june 21st w/puffy areolas & tcallers

bill is wiggin out on a flower right now
i hope he tires himself out and takes another nap


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